Find answers to all the age old questions of human existence to Live the Best version of your Life.

 Do you sleep and wake up with a flood of questions like,
 Who am I?
 Why am I here
 Where have I come from?
 Where am I going?
 What is my the purpose of my life? 
 What is the purpose of this entire creation?
 Where did it all start from?
 What am I made up of?
 What puts life into a single cell formed from a sperm and an egg making it an entire being?
 What is this of life all about?
 What is death?
 What happens after death?
 Should I fear death?
 How do I overcome all my fears, guilt, despair, sorrow, misery, anxiety that keep visiting me every now and then? 
All of these questions echo in our mind, since the time we can remember being alive. Riding this wheel of life, we end up minimising these windows of thoughts and questions only getting overwhelmed with them and instead end up catering to the series of duties and tasks popping out of our calendars meeting the needs of our  mundane part of life. None of us are at peace. We all temporarily numb ourselves by various methods of escape mechanism to manage sleeping reasonably well, only to be able to perform our duties the next day as human machines. 

Are we really here only for this repetitive drill of life or is there much more to experience beyond what our hardwired minds can fathom? How do we cater to this state of unrest? How do we attain a permanent state of peace within. 
 It is pretty simple. All we need to do is to get answers to all our questions enabling us to be in a state of permanent balance, peace and bliss which no storm can disturb. It is a state which words cannot even reach closer to describing, it can only be felt and experienced. We feel blessed to have found the path to attain this peaceful state and are delighted to share this treasure with all of you. This feeling lead to the curation of these books. Our journey of evolution is not over yet, it has just begun! Just like a new-born baby opens its eyes to the world for the first time, we feel born again opening our eyes to the Reality of Existence. 

This book series attempts to answer the eternal question of how does this universe and the whole of creation work. And along with the flood of questions creating the mental unrest, it also provides practical modern day solutions to the daily challenges of life we encounter like, 
 ‘How do I live the best version of my life?
 How do I fulfil my dreams?
 How do I maintain a perfect balance between my personal and work life?
 How do I live the life I desire to live?
 How do I become successful - as a student, as an entrepreneur, as a businessman, as a professional, as an employee and in every possible aspect of my life?
 How do I perform par excellence in all my pursuits?
 How do I maintain love and harmony in all my relationships as a daughter, a son, a sibling, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a wife, a husband, a citizen and as an overall human being, how do I balance my life between the elements of good health, sufficient wealth, love, happiness and peace of mind? 
 How do I design my life in the best way possible? 
 How do I become the best version of myself?’
The ‘Let's Evolve Book Series’ takes you to the root of where it all started, the process of the entire creation, the laws with which it works and most importantly the knowledge about our own Self. 

One might ask ‘Why is this knowledge important?’ This knowledge is what empowers you to design your destiny and helps you evolve to the higher levels of consciousness reaching the Ultimate Goal taking you through the experiences of this Creation in all its aspects. This book series reveals to you the secrets and the methods to become the best version of yourself. 

These revelations have been coded in the ancient scriptures and have remained obscured from the world. Human being, in the desire of owning material possessions of this material world, lost the balance of living and kept on distancing from the Reality. We have been living in an amnesic state of being and blindly following directions shown to us by hardwiring customs and rituals without reasoning and knowing the depth or Reality. Some of our brethren have turned extremely religious while some turned extreme atheists. We have not even scratched the surface of life that we can experience here on this planet and beyond. 
 It is time for all of us to awaken from this long sleep of ignorance to a new world of Reality. It is time for each one of us to be enlightened with what it really means to live and experience this invaluable gift of life we have been blessed with having given the human form. All the spiritual leaders, Masters, evangelists are working extensively to reveal this knowledge back to humanity so that we all can awaken and evolve

 We hope that this knowledge unblocks the amnesic state we are all living in not even being aware of it. It is our attempt to bring you the experience of this immense love, joy, peace and bliss for the rest of your life in this physical world and the journey beyond rejoicing in the greatest secrets of existence. 
 This book series provides you with the tools and equips you with all that is needed to look beyond what eyes can see, hear beyond ears can hear, feel beyond what skin can feel and absorb the purest energy in Existence. It is a process of unveiling the ‘Real You’ so that you can experience the Reality. Imagine feeling the touch of the wind on your skin versus being able to fly in the open infinite skies like free birds, feeling it in every part of your being. Life is so much more deeper than just the surface level experiences transitioning from momentary happiness to a permanent state of joy. 

 The teaching of immortality is to awaken. We must rise above the physical and material conditions if we are to live at all. We must aim at being independent of physical sight and hearing. We know that if we really want to understand a thing, we close our eyes because we can see it better. If we are thinking in this manner, it means that we are listening to some thought coming from some other plane. At such a time we want to cut off and stop outward sound or sight. 
 All the meditations and concentrations of the mystics, as well as their dreams, are their journeys to the inner planes. It is necessary, if the soul has the desire to know the past, the present, and the future, to satisfy its desire by a contemplative life. The more tired and exhausted the mind, the more is meditation needed.
 You have it all within yourself and all you need to do is unveil the centres of energy within you. This book series  takes you through this journey of evolution and by the end of it we hope your questions are answered and you awaken to a new life fading the wounds of the past opening doors to the brighter world.

 Bon Voyage! 


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